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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), also known as compressed methane, is natural gas compressed to high pressures through various processes. Unlike LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), which requires expensive cooling equipment and processes to liquefy the gas, CNG is stored in its gaseous state without the need for such equipment.


“CNG, also known as Compressed Natural Gas, is the compressed form of natural gas used to increase storage capacity for heating purposes in homes, compressed up to 200-300 bars. In the compression process, natural gas taken from the distribution network (ranging from minimum 21 mbar to maximum 75 bar) is compressed using compressor units to high pressures. Compressed natural gas is stored in series-connected pipes or tanks of various capacities.

Globally, CNG finds its most intensive use in transportation. Its high octane rating (120-125 octane) ensures clean and complete combustion, extends engine life, and does not lead to increased fuel consumption over time, making it a favored fuel option. Additionally, it has a relatively low risk of explosion (5%) and requires a lower air-gas mixture ratio (15% compared to other fuels), enhancing its safety profile.

CNG’un tanımı


In our country, the CNG system, which was first implemented by Cngaz according to Euro standards, involves the compression and filling of natural gas, an economical, safe, and environmentally friendly fuel, into separate storage units. This system adheres to European Free Certification and is used extensively in Europe and other contemporary countries under ‘Euro Swap’ systems and CNG transportation regulations, complying with both TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) and European norms.

CNG, which can be easily applied across various energy consumption sectors by Cngaz, is transported by road to regions where natural gas cannot be delivered via pipelines. This includes large industrial facilities, small businesses, residential complexes, villas, hotels, leisure facilities, generators, and forklifts, addressing a wide range of natural gas consumption needs.

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